Brayden Manikin Accessories

Getting replacement consumables is easy from Aero Healthcare. With Brayden’s innovative design and minimal moving components, switching out parts is both cost effective and simple to do.

  • Brayden AC Power Adaptor

    Power AdaptorIM13-OA01

  • replacement Brayden Face Skin

    Face SkinIM13-SA01

  • Brayden disposable lungs

    Artificial LungIM13-SA09

  • roll of CPR Manikin training Face Shields

    Manikin Face ShieldsASM01

  • replacement Brayden Airway Valve

    Airway ValveIM13-SA08

  • replacement Brayden Face Connector

    Face ConnectionIM13-SA07

  • Travel Bag for 4 Brayden CPR Manikins

    Travel Bag for 4IM13-SA16

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Aero Healthcare is the exclusive Australian Importer of the Brayden CPR Manikin parts and accessories. Please contact us if you require a Brayden item that is not listed here.